Monday, November 23, 2009

Newest 2 Year Old

My nephew Graceson turned two recently.  (He still has very little to do with me but I do love his sweet self).  We recently went to his birthday party.  Graceson bday _1114 4231 Graceson bday _1114 4179

This is Graceson’s sister Katelyn.  She reminds so much of my sister at that age!

Graceson bday _1114 4184

Arianna is a dare devil.

Graceson bday _1114 4186 Graceson bday _1114 4193

Katelyn doing something my sister always did as a kid…pulling her dress over her head. 

Graceson bday _1114 4197

My sister and Graceson

Graceson bday _1114 4213

Yaya and Graceson

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