Friday, December 11, 2009

I am a Droid (owner)

My husband surprised me today with a new phone…it uses the Android operating system by Google.  Thanks sweetie!!!!


Now for the rest of the story…(Chris did not know this when he bought the phone).  Remember that Gingerbread House Party?  Well since I forgot my camera, I was using my blackberry to take pictures.  (just remembered that oops, I should have posted some of those pics from the party).  My blackberry was sitting in the middle of the table and a knife of icky sticky dripping icing accidentally got laid on it.  Well now the keys are nice and stuck.  I tried cleaning it quickly but that icing went deep behind the keys and though I can’t see it, it has majorly hardened.  Now the keys don’t work very well.  I was so worried about how I was going to fix my phone and wow what a surprise…my husband hand a new phone for me when I got home! 

Ryan is excited because the light saber application can be used on this phone.  Chris put it on his phone but I am not so sure about loading it on mine…do I really want my 3 year to be swinging my phone around like a light saber so that he can hear the sound effects?

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