Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chasing Butterflies-A Lesson in Patience

My two kids are so different. Arianna is patient doing activities such as art or writing. She will sit for the longest time mastering these skills. Ryan isn't into sitting still for too long for this kind of activity. However when it comes to animals he is very patient.

Recently there was a small yellow butterfly in this large field. Arianna first begin to chase it. She ran and ran and ran until she was exhausted. She would get close and clap her hands together. I told her that if she caught it, it would be squished by how she was reaching for it. She never caught the butterfly.

Ryan on the other hand begin to chase it and quickly figured out if he was patient and moved slow that he could get closer to the butterfly. He worked at it for a while and then brought me the little yellow butterfly. He was so gentle with it. He didn't harm it at all (minus his skin oil on it's wings). He decided he was going to take it to the play structure for a swing and which time it flew away.

Yesterday a different large butterfly showed up in our yard. Again Ryan calmly and patiently followed it until he caught it. Ryan has my intense love for animals and seems to have great instincts when it comes to thems.

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