Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reading-A Different Lesson in Patience

Arianna has been very interested lately in letter sounds and has been practicing sounding out words. I am not big on pushing things too fast but she is so motivated, that we decided to embark on the journey of learning to read. I got this book called The Reading Lesson. It recommends doing one page a day for children as young as Arianna. So that was my intention. Each day as we complete a lesson, Ari gets to put a sticker on that page. We finished the first lesson and Ari begged to do another. She finished five lessons and I finally encouraged her to go wrestle with Daddy to give her brain a break.

She did amazingly well. The lesson was on the letter sounds of the five most common letters in the English language C, O, S, A and T. It talked about a letter, a letter sound, a word and a sentence. Then she did various activities with these five letters and their sounds individually and combined. I was so proud of her determination and hard work.

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