Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Donut Game

On Saturday the kids were excited to get to dress up for a birthday party. Ryan wanted to be Batman and Arianna started out as Belle. She then did a last minute costume change to Cinderella because of the rain and she didn't want to get her long Belle gown muddy. That's my girl. Better to have fun than look pretty!
At the birthday party they had a hilarious game for the kids. They hung donuts from the ceiling and the kids were supposed to eat the donuts without using their hands. It was so funny to watch the kids try to do this!

Ryan chased his around and around in circles.
Arianna was a little hesitant at first to look goofy. My little self conscious child. But she eventually went for it.
Eventually, the judges had mercy on the kids and allowed the parents to hold the string to help.

Look at these donut covered faces. This was a fun game for the kids!

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