Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Nanny

DSC_0233 Chris’ Grandmother is visiting us for a couple of weeks.  Today is her 82nd birthday!  She is an amazing woman!  Her wisdom and Christian values inspire me!  I love that the kids get an opportunity to know their great grandmother and that they can spend time and learn so much from her! I hope they cherish these memories as much as I do!  One of Arianna’s favorite things about Nanny is that she makes playdough with them and the toys at her house are made out of everyday household things. 

Nanny is a very frugal woman.  I hope to become more like that and desire to teach my kids to also become more like that.  She is a great example of the simple life.  She loves God and is constantly serving others! 

This morning the kids all on their own went upstairs and chose presents for Nanny and wrapped them for her.  She was so excited to open up the sweet gifts from the kids!  We are having a little birthday celebration this evening when Chris gets home.

Nanny and Ari are making aprons this week.  They cut out the pattern yesterday and are hoping to sew the material today! Nanny took the kids on a nature walk yesterday and today they were exploring sunflower seeds!  Who needs lesson plans when you have Nanny here to teach:) 

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