Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ryan the Brave

For the longest time, Ryan has not trusted the breaks on his bike.  He would put his feet down to stop himself just like he does on his big wheel. Because of this, he would not go up hills because of how fast the bike would go on the way down the hill.  He has been slowly working his way up our driveway over the last month or so.  Yesterday he finally made it to the top and now he is off.  He uses the brakes most of the time and loves to fly down the hill.  He wants to ride his bike to the pool now.  (Background story is that we tried to ride to the pool at the beginning of June and it took us a long time to get near the pool.  It was full of tears and frustration).   DSC_0240

DSC_0236 DSC_0238 DSC_0239

Hooray Ryan!!

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