Monday, July 27, 2009

I <3 Electronic Books

I love reading fiction books on my handheld! I was very resistant to leaving paper bound books behind. My husband is a tech geek/genius, and he has been trying to get me to read books on my handheld for years.

Last year, he loaded several books on my handheld when my Daddy was in the hospital. I took the handheld with me mainly since my husband took the time to load it. I also took along several bound books also. I started out reading the paper books but at night fall, I no longer had light to read by. So I took the leap and tried the electronic book. Well boy am I glad I did.

That was almost a year ago and now I mainly only read on my handheld. I recently couldn't find a new release for my handheld so I checked it out at the library. I have had the hardest time reading it because I usually only read before bed and I don't want to keep Chris awake with the light. I am looking forward to finishing this book so that I can go back to reading by the light of my handheld.

I will say that I tend to still prefer non-fiction books paper bound. I tend to retain the info more that way. The fiction books, I read solely for relaxation and entertainment.

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