Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tweetsie Railroad

We went with Yaya to Tweetsie Railroad for the first time last week. The kids had so much fun! They both enjoyed pretending to get the Indians. Ryan dressed as a cowboy to defeat the Indians and Ari decided to dress like an Indian because then the Indians wouldn't mess with her because they would think she was an Indian. She is a smart girl! My favorite memory is when we rode the spinning ride and listening to the laughter from us all during the ride. Both kids are ready to go back! Ari asked if we could use the money we are saving to go to Disney to return to Tweetsie...I told her NO WAY :)!!! Hmmm....Tweetsie or Disney is a no-brainer to me:) It is amazing to me that my Mom's family has lived 30 minutes from Tweetsie for the last 18 years and have never been to there! With 6 kids under 5, I am willing to bet we will go many more times in the near future...

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