Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Power of Books: Progression of Pretend Play

I am so excited to be slowly leaving the princess stage! Arianna is very much into dressing up like Laura Ingalls. She made 2 aprons with her Nanny. She loves wearing them with her long dresses. We went into town last week and she wore her "Laura" outfit. I called Arianna and she said "that is not my name, it is Laura". She enjoyed playing Little House on the Prairie with friends at the blueberry patch. She also enjoys being Susan from Narnia and going on adventures with Peter (aka Ryan). I so much more prefer this type of character than the Disney princesses. It is exciting to watch the books we read become loved characters to my children!

Goodbye Princess...don't get me wrong she can still be very swayed by those princesses but I am glad that she is willing to leave them behind for deeper characters!

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