Thursday, October 8, 2009

Legos, Legos, and more Legos

My kids have a new obsession…Legos.   DSC_0058   DSC_0066  DSC_0069

Thanks Yaya for the Darth Vader lego set…Ryan is so excited to have this set!  He has been all into Star Wars lately.  He got this set yesterday from Yaya and today he looked through the book that came with it and he said sweetly, “Mommy I want this one…can we go get it today?”  He wants all of the different Star Wars lego sets…but boy are they expensive! 


Arianna got an Indiana Jones Lego set for completing her 50th Reading Lesson.  Great Job Arianna…you have come such a long way in reading!

They have spent the last hour playing together with the legos.  (No, Ari hasn’t brushed her hair in 2 weeks :) JK 


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joelle said...

Welcome to the lego world! Johann discovered legos a few months ago and had been into it since then. He got a set when he got potty train and one for his birthday, and he is getting a new one for Christmas, most likely. They can be rather fun though, and they really build creativity, fine motor skills and attention. But yeah, rather costly and sometimes messy. Keeping track of those pieces can be a a pain. Enjoy though!