Monday, November 9, 2009

Camp Flintlock Field Trip

We went on a great field trip today to Camp Flintlock with other homeschoolers. Our dear friends run the the camp. Ari and Ryan enjoyed learning more about Colonial Days hands on. The kids got to many fun activities including see a musket being fired, play colonial games, throw tomahawks, write with quill pens, dress up, make cords, make necklaces, dance, learn about drums and their use in the Colonial Military, see a cannon being fired as well as many other fun outdoor activities. It inspired me to begin book 2 of Laura Ingills Wilder(Farmer Boy).


Trinity Mommy said...

Sounds like lots of fun, your pictures are great by the way!

Dalton Gang said...

Thanks:) It was a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing you today!