Thursday, November 12, 2009

Car Schooling

Today we were Car Schoolers.  We went on a field trip to the Planetarium which is a good 45 minute drive there and back.  Ari did her Math and writing lessons in the car on the way there and back.  Ryan was excited that his “reading lesson” (what he calls school) was going to be at the planetarium.  Later, Ari read her book while waiting for Daddy to meet us for dinner.  We really enjoyed our time at the planatarium!  The program was Sol & Company which discussed the sun and the planets which was great since we are currently discussing the Solar System in our unit studies. 

 DSC_0007 DSC_0008

Ryan and Ari in replicas of some space seats from the past (such a vague description:)  I honestly can’t remember how long ago and for exactly which space craft).  I do know that they had to sit in this spot for a good 14 weeks.  How uncomfortable!DSC_0009

Ryan exploring the Solar System with technologyDSC_0010

Ari feeling mucus.  We discussed how mucus affects lung function.DSC_0011


Arianna is reading while we wait for Dad. She is doing really well reading!

In car schooling, she also wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy…which is a huge victory since she is very resistant to invented spelling.  She wants to be right and therefore doesn’t want to write her own words for fear of messing up!  Where in the world does she gets this perfectionism from **blush**. Funny thing is that she knows I am the tooth fairy. Not sure why she is so motivated to write a letter to the tooth fairy when I already know she lost her tooth! But whatever works!  I am excited that she took the leap.  This is the second time she has done invented spelling.  The first is with her last name.  A couple of days ago,she comes to me and says look Mom I spelled my last name…Dotin (it’s actually Dalton). I didn’t want to correct her since she finally took a chance.  Of all things to misspell:)  I figure one day she will figure out that her last name is not Dotin:)  Until then I will keep encouraging my perfectionist. 

Her letter to the Tooth Fairy…

I Lost Miy Tooth.  Ples Lef Me A Gif. 

She then drew a picture of her missing tooth.  I tried to take a picture but it is in the envelope ready to be delivered under her pillow:)


Trinity Mommy said...

Your pictures turned out GREAT!!! Lets hang out soon!

Dalton Gang said...

I would love to hang out...let's see if we can get our schedules to have an align:) I will email you my upcoming schedule...