Thursday, November 12, 2009

When My Children Sleep

When My Children Sleep

One of my favorite things at night
is to watch my children when they're sleeping.
As I watch them one by one,
I wonder what dreams they are keeping,
and hope their little minds embrace
the good ones,
and keep out the bad- that come creeping.
The moonlight plays shadow games
on their faces, as an occasional smile
teases upon their lips.
I listen to their breathing,
as it slows and becomes deep.
This is a time I'll always treasure,
and a peaceful moment I'll forever keep...

by Jamie Lynette Edson


I came to check on the kids one night and this is what I found.  Arianna at some point had crawled in bed with Ryan.    sleep overs (2)

Yes this is for real…A friend and I were up scrapbooking and the kids were in the living room watching a movie.  This is the scene I found.

DSC_0001 (2)

A Boy and His Dog

sleep overs (3)

The Kids heart sleepovers (as long as Mom is there)

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Trinity Mommy said...

LOVE this post and poem!!! So sweet!