Monday, February 22, 2010

A Cherished Memory

We went to visit my Dad for Valentines Day.  I was in for a major surprise when I arrived at my Mema’s house.  Daddy wanted to take me and the kids out for lunch (without Mema).  This is the first time since the stroke in Sept. 2008 that I have been out with my Dad.  He has only been to doctors and hospital visits since his stroke.  It was a bit scary getting out at first.  His skill level changes each time I visit and so I have to adjust to where he is at.  It is a difficult balance to make sure I  allow him the autonomy and pride of doing things for himself but making sure I am there to help when it is needed.  We did not take a wheel chair with us.  Nope, he used his walker to get everywhere we went. Wow!!!!!

We went to my Uncle Andy’s restaurant which I haven’t been to since I was young.  My Grandaddy and I used to always go there together when I was little!  I got to make some new special memories with my Dad.  

with Daddy

Unfortunately I didn’t get a very good picture, but it will live forever in my memory and hopefully in my kids memory as well! 

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