Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

One of my most favorite things about Step Ahead Dance Studio, is their Daddy Daughter Dance!  Each year they have one dance where the dads dance with their girls.  This year the recital theme was space and the dance was Star Wars.  For several Saturdays prior to the recital, the Dads and girls meet together to learn the dance and practice.  Arianna loves doing this with Chris. 

Daddy Daughter _052110 2

It is so encouraging to see all of these grown men who most wouldn’t dare get on stage but for their little girl, they sacrifice! 

Dance 2010_060310 686   Dance 2010_060310 695   Dance 2010_060310 700 Dance 2010_060310 703

Chris and Ari did a great job dancing together in the recital!!!!!

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