Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

We went to the homeschool conference and the kids stayed with Nana.  Arianna and Ryan planned a surprise party for Chris while we were gone. 

They picked out the presents, wrapped them and decorated for the party.  They were excited about encouraging Daddy!

Chris 35 bday d_052810 79 Chris 35 bday d_052810 83 Chris 35 bday d_052810 92 Chris 35 bday d_052810 93 Chris 35 bday d_052810 100 Chris 35 bday d_052810 104 Chris 35 bday d_052810 106 Chris 35 bday d_052810 112 Chris 35 bday d_052810 117

Ari settled the presents down nice and cozy.  Chris 35 bday d_052810 120 Chris 35 bday d_052910 47

It is hard to light 35 candles without burning yourself:)Chris 35 bday d_052910 52

Ryan is so happy to have Daddy back!

Chris 35 bday d_052910 54   Chris 35 bday d_052910 56 Chris 35 bday d_052910 62

They are excited to share their presents with ChrisChris 35 bday d_052910 68

Ryan picked out a Mario shirt for Chris:) Ari got him tools.Chris 35 bday d_052910 71 Chris 35 bday d_052910 72

When we got home, we had our own family party on his actual birthday.  Our family tradition is to go and do whatever the birthday person wants to do on their birthday.  Chris chose to go to McAlister's to eat. 

 Chris 35 bday_053110 542 Chris 35 bday_053110 546 Chris 35 bday_053110 551 Chris 35 bday_053110 557

Each holiday, the kids pick out a dachshund to give to Chris for the special occasion.  This year Ari picked out the Birthday Dachshund and Ryan picked out the taxi dachshund. 

Chris 35 bday_053110 559

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