Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Fun Day Geocaching

The kids were excited to go treasure hunting today. We went to find a cache at a park behind Fuquay Varina Elementary. We didn't find this but had a great time looking for it. It was a beautiful park!
The kids made a birthday cake in the dirt.
The cache is somewhere around this bridge.

I thought I saw it and climbed down into the rocks but ended up being an empty container. Not sure if it was it and had been messed with by kids or if this was just a coincidence. We looked for awhile for this. Notice the kids in the background playing in the dirt. I am glad that our family is one that enjoys the beauty of nature!

We did find one cache today behind a church. The kids traded some of their old happy meal toys for some new toys.

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Anonymous said...

Fun fun and more fun! Your posts are so great to read!