Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School with Friends

Lately we have had a several different friends join us for school. My kids love school! Even more so, they love it when others join us. We have been discussing transportation this past week or so. On Monday, Levi and Canaan joined us for school. We played a guess the vehicle in the bag game. I would describe what was in the bag and they would use their listening and critical thinking skills to guess which vehicle. We read the book My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk. We talked a bit about rhyming words. Next, we made stop and go signs. Ari and Levi wrote out the words on their signs. Then, we went outside and used our stop and go signs to play red light green light. The boys eventually lost interest and began riding the Gator and Caterpillar ride-on vehicles. Ari kept trying to get them to stop by using her stop sign. She got frustrated that they wouldn't listen and stop. So we talked about what happens when someone doesn't follow traffic rules, the police gives them a ticket. She got paper and a marker and wrote out tickets to both drivers. She wrote their name, stop and the amount of their ticket. I so love homeschooling and how life is such a great classroom!

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