Monday, September 15, 2008

Enjoying the Fruits of our Labor

We planted sunflower seeds back in June. It was late in the season so I wasn't sure they would grow. Some of them got eaten by deer and rabbits. We watched the bees pollinate them. When the hurricane came we cut most of them and put them in a vase. I was disappointed because I really wanted the kids to see where the seeds came from. But today we were pleasantly surprised. We didn't cut one of the large flowers because we thought it was dying. It was hanging way over almost touching the ground. I was cutting the stalks down today and picked that flower up to discover that there were seeds in it. I was excited to share with the kids that we would get to enjoy sunflower seeds after all.
There were a few small silky worms in the flower but there were plenty of untouched seeds for us to enjoy.
Ryan trying to break open a sunflower seed.

Ari getting seeds out of the flower.
Ryan posing with our seeds and flower.

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Do it yourselfer said...

I'm inspired to plant sunflowers next year! Looks like fun!