Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have finally reached a goal that I have been working on since Ryan's birth. I have wanted to get to the point where I could scrapbook his pictures but made it a goal to go in chronological order by date. Today I finished the page of my 29th birthday which is 2 days before Ryan's birth. Hooray! I am so excited to start scrapping those baby blue boy pages instead of so many pink and purple girl pages!

Now the challenge is to figure out how to go from this point. With Arianna, I have just done albums of her life. I have journaled as if writing to her. I have 8 completed albums for her. But now there will be two lives to scrap. Should I do an album for Ari and an album for Ryan, a family album or all three? I want them to have their own individual albums but so many of our activities involve both kids. I want it to be special that is the joy of scrapbooking. What do those of you who have more than one kids do? What do you think I should do?
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lovingcjm said...

I have had that same problem! To stay sane I have resolved to doing one album (family) for each year.. though soon I fear it will take two to hold all my pics for one year in it, I also do a homeschool album for each child so they will have one special album (other than the baby album) with all their main K-12 grade memories. Hope this helps :)

DWR said...

I haven't been able to bring myself to do more than one album per kid. I just keep picturing when they move out, if I hand them 18 photo albums, I think they'll be totally overwhelmed with where to keep them! I guess my practical side totally overpowers my sentimental side.

But to answer your question, one Christmas, my little sister took all of my moms pictures and put them in albums for us. For the pictures that had more than one person in it, she made copies for everyone in the picture. So if a picture had me and Diana in it, Diana and I both had one in our album. If it contained all four girls, we each got a copy. We really appreciated having the single shots of us AND having copies of the ones where we were together.

Karen said...

I don't scrap in order, but I would say each kid will have at least one album (baby). I do more pages of them together now and will probably just put them in an album. I guess they will have to fight over it when I am dead and gone. hahaha If they wanted copies they could have them made.

As soon as we get in our house, I am going to start organizing all my pages. Most aren't even in albums!