Monday, September 15, 2008


Okay so I am the first to catch a typo when I read anything. You wouldn't know this if you read my typo-ridden blog. As I read back over my blog, I find a typo in almost every post. I want you to realize something. I usually type these things with kids climbing over me, I usually end up doing something for the kids midway through typing. My thoughts are constantly interrupted by something from the kids. I also don't have the time to read back through the posts until later when they are in bed. So I apologize from this point forward for my typos:) I correct them when I see them but those of you who receive this via email get my unedited version. It could become a game like "Where's Waldo?" but instead "Where's Crystall's Typos?"

Enjoy my unedited versions of my ramblings about our crazy and charmed life!

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