Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What does these things have in common?

What does puppet shows, singing in the rain, stinkbugs and cute kids have in common?

Our day!

Today, we went to a puppet show with some friends. The puppet show was about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They called kids on stage to participate but Ari didn't get chosen. She was disappointed about not being chosen. Honestly, I was too! I wonder what she would have done in front of all of those people:) You never know with my sometimes shy sometimes friendly child! I told her we could go back and try again. I have to prep her on the best way to get noticed in a crowd. She raised her hand calmly and stood still. Great behavior and exactly how she has been taught to do in school. But not the best way to get noticed in a crowd of kids that have their hands raised too but are also jumping up and down in trying to get picked.

This is a pic of the two kids in front of the library after the puppet show sitting with the statue kids.
We went out and played in the rain (one of our favorite things to do). Arianna was in concert. She was singing "River Lullaby" from Prince of Egypt. I told her she should sing "Singing in the Rain" but she didn't know that song. I guess she is too young for that one:) If I had a working camecorder, it would been a great video but mine is broken. Oh Well.
Ryan found a stink bug in the sensory table. He was very excited! He touched it for a while and then exclaims "He licked me". I guess the flutter of the bug felt like a lick to him! He eventually picked it up. Despite the bugs multiple attempts to fly away, Ryan kept him for most of the time outside. He let it crawl over him. Arianna kept telling him that if he squished it then it would stink really bad...they both have no idea! I figured the smell would just be another life lesson. But my gentle bug lover didn't squish his dear stink bug.

Ryan made multiple attempts to give the bug a kiss. The bug would either fly away or would move before Ryan's lips reached him. Excuse the unwiped runny nose:)
Here Arianna poses with her new found umbrella and Ryan has his precious stink bug.

Here are those cute kids posing for the camera.

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