Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Winter Wonderland

During School yesterday we read The Snowy Day.  We then went outside and tried to do what we remembered from the book.  Ryan walked around and made footprints.  Ari and Chris had a snowball fight.  When we came in, we made snowflake pictures and then dictated a story about our time in the snow.  Today we went out and played in the snow some more.  Ari enjoyed using a stick to knock snow on her head.  The snow was too soft in the morning to build a snowman so we came inside and had some hot chocolate.  In the afternoon we succeeded in building a snowman finally.  Ryan named the snowman “Batman”.  When we came in, we read a book about a snowman (can’t remember the name) and then read The Mitten.  We tried to see how many kids and dogs we could fit into a sweater of Daddy’s (lots of animals climb into the mitten).

I am going to try a photo album to display the pictures.    Not sure how this works so you get to be the guinea pig:)

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